Tenaci-Wong History

The brand name Tenaci-Wong originates from the word “tenacity” and the surname of its founder, Mr. Zemin Wong.

The name represents the spirit of perseverance and determination to conquer all obstacles, as Mr. Wong himself accomplished developing the TWC200 trials motorcycle. His passion for the sport began 17 years ago after watching a video of an international trials competition. Unfortunately, at that time specialized motorcycles for the sport were virtually unknown in his homeland of China.

Following years of testing, research and development of his designs incorporating the newest technologies, the Tenaci-Wong trials motorcycle was born. The commitment of time, energy, finances, and dedication to creating his dream are truly illustrated in the Tenaci-Wong name.

The Tenaci-Wong is built to be the instrument for its rider to overcome obstacles. It is the “warrior’s horse”; responsive, skilled, strong and reliable.

Enjoy conquering obstacles on Tenaci-Wong!